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As the leading Google Ads Services agency in Singapore, we specialise in creating and optimising Google Ads campaigns that deliver exceptional results for businesses across various industries. With our expertise and proven strategies, we can help you outrank the competition and achieve your marketing goals.

A staggering 92% of users choose a business on the first page of their Google search results. This makes it crucial for your business to appear on the first page to attract potential customers.

As an official Google Partner, Digital Squad is a trusted Google Ads agency and search engine marketing experts that can help you design and launch your Google Ads campaign within days. Our team of experts specialises in PPC ads, paid ads, and pay per click ads agency services.

Let us show you how to be successful with Google Ads, generate leads and increase your online visibility in no time!

2023 Google Ads Statistics

Why Use Google Ads for Your Business?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is the most effective advertising platform developed by Google that allows businesses to create and display ads on the search engine results pages (SERPs), websites, mobile apps, and other platforms. It operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, where advertisers bid on specific keywords to display their ads to relevant users. With Google Ads being a prominent advertising platform, Digital Squad understands the importance of optimising campaigns to maximise visibility and achieve outstanding results.

First Place Matters

When it comes to high commercial intent searches, 54.4% of clicks are captured by the top three ad spots.


90% of consumers reported that ads impact their purchase decisions. People are more likely to click on Google Ads than any other advertisement platform. 63% of the people said that they would choose Google ads over others.


On average, businesses make $8 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. Hence, Google ads deliver an 8:1 return on investment. Paid ads also have an ROI of 200% as of 2023.

Get leads in an instant

Get qualified leads shortly after launching your Google Ads campaign.

Mobile Takes The Lead

Mobile searches translate to action being taken within an hour 70% of the time. In 2022, overall mobile ad traffic was nearly 60%, with smartphone users contacting a business directly through a search they conducted. On top of that, 33% of mobile ad spending is said to go to Google.


A staggering 65% of individuals click on ads when they have a purchase in mind. We will ensure that your Google Ads align perfectly with their needs and significantly increase your chances of not only capturing their attention but also securing the coveted click-through and ultimately closing the sale.


Google Shopping Ads dominate a whopping 76.4% of retail search ad spend. As a result, they generate 85.3% of all clicks on Google Ads campaigns or Google Shopping campaigns. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to capture the majority of clicks and maximise your online presence.


Join the ranks of success-driven small-to-midsize businesses who have taken charge of their growth. 65% are running their own PPC campaigns, effectively attracting and securing a steady stream of new customers.

Our Google Ad Services Methodology

At Digital Squad, we are dedicated to providing exceptional Google Ads Services that will help your business thrive in the ever competitive online landscape. Let us reach your Google Ads goals and empower your business to outrank competitors and dominate.



Buyer Persona Research

We value buyer persona research. Unlike your typical Google Ad company, we consult with you to refine our targeting. As a top PPC and search engine marketing agency, we conduct a detailed consultation with the business owner, sales or marketing manager to understand exactly what you offer.



Keyword Research

As a leading search engine marketing agency and PPC ads agency, we utilize professional agency tools and the Google Keyword Planner for thorough keyword research. Our research includes monthly keyword volumes, competitiveness, and analysis of your competitors for hidden opportunities.



Bid Strategy Optimisation

We offer two budget options based on keyword research or your preferred amount. We use ad serving and rotation to optimise your budget effectively. With precise Google Ads campaign tracking, you can see exactly how every cent is spent.



Negative Keyword Inclusion

Compared to other PPC ads agencies, we strategically add negative keywords to campaigns to optimise the quality score and minimise cost-per-click. This ensures the right audience is targeted, resulting in meaningful onsite interaction from visitors. Our team of expert Google Ads managers always deliver.



Conversation Tracking

Conversion tracking lets us monitor and attribute enquiries and calls to clicks, allowing us to better understand searcher behavior. As a Google Ads Services company, we continuously gain new knowledge to improve the campaign. Multiple course corrections are usually conducted to improve your campaign set up.



Monthly Optimisation and Reporting

We provide monthly reporting on your PPC ads campaign using tools such as Google Ads and Google Analytics. Our Google Ads services include tracking important metrics such as clicks, CPC, bounce rates, and session times. Our paid ads agency simplifies this data to keep you on top of your campaign status.

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    Google Ads: Frequently Asked Questions

    Google Ads is an online advertising platform that gives multiple options to promote your offerings, products, brand awareness, generate leads, video promotions etc. on the vast network of Google Search, YouTube and other sites of Google.
    This advertising medium is very effective and trackable. You can customise your campaign with target audience, location, budget etc.
    If you are new to the Google Ads, AI helps you to optimise your ads and manages ad visibility through automation.
    It is one of the smartest advertising platforms that allows you to adjust your bid strategy, tracking every conversion action and easily integrates with other google property like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studios and others.

    Google Ads allows you to choose the best-suited campaign types for your business needs.
    Search Campaign: This is a popular one among marketers, it allows you to target the right audience and gain traffic by listing your ads on the top pages of the search results.
    Display Campaign: It is visual-based ads that you see while reading an article online or banners on websites. Marketers use creative images to attract the target audience to engage with their ads.
    Video Campaign: In google ads, you can add videos to engage with the audience on YouTube and through Google Video Partners.
    App Campaign: Drive your business by promoting your App on google to the right audience that is likely to take action (install or engage).
    Shopping Campaign: This is one of the best campaign types for e-commerce businesses that allows them to showcase their product to the right shoppers and increase brand visibility, and traffic to the website.

    As per the expert guidance, we suggest to have maximum 9-10 ad groups, though you are free to add more ad groups but it is recommended to have manageable ad groups that you can track and optimise performance on regular basis.
    Keywords are the important part of our campaign structure, based on keywords searched on google your ads will get triggered for action. We recommend to have maximum 15 to 25 keywords per ad group.

    Google allows you to take full control of budget spending so that you don’t lose your money for results. You can set a budget before launching the campaign, which works as a Target Cap. Also, you can choose an ad schedule for targeting so that the budget spend is efficiently done.
    While setting up the campaign, Google’s AI will also help you determine the budget that will work towards achieving the desired results. We recommend reviewing your budget spend after launching the campaign for better optimization.

    A right bid strategy can lower your ad costs, improves targeting, 和提高结果到下一水平.
    So, how to choose a suitable bid strategy for your campaign?
    Here is the list of bid strategies that are mostly used by the advertisers to achieve campaign goals.
    Maximise Clicks: It is an automated bid strategy that drives more traffic/clicks/visitors to the landing page (s) under the set daily budget.
    Maximise Conversions: If you want Users to take an action on the landing page and track conversions, then Max. Conversion is the right option. Google Ads will automatically run on the daily budget limit to achieve the maximum number of conversions.
    Target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): This bid strategy optimises your conversions. By setting a target CPA, Google Ads will run campaign to get most of the conversions at the set target CPA so that you won’t lose money. However, we recommend this bid strategy to those advertisers who have a good knowledge of bidding on google ads.
    Target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): Choosing Target ROAS will concentrate campaign efforts to maximise conversion value while focusing on specific Target Return from the ad.
    Target Impression Share: Campaigns focused on bringing ‘Awareness’, can select the Target Impression Share to meet the goal. It’s a smart bidding strategy that runs to give optimum results for the set budget.
    Manual CPC: It provides you with the control over your budget spend. You can choose which specific ad needs more budget and which ad can have a reduced budget. You can spend money efficiently however it’s a manual process and requires a lot of attention and review which can become hectic if you are running multiple campaigns simultaneously.

    Google Ads has a section for conversion action under tools and settings where you can create multiple conversions for your campaigns.
    To track the conversion, you must have access to your Google Tag Manager (GTM) account, and Google Analytics Account. Let’s begin!
    1. First Create a New Conversion Action in your Google Ads Account.
    2. While setting up new conversion action, copy the Conversion Label and Conversion ID.
    3. Go to your GTM account and create a new Tag.
    4. Copy and Paste-Conversion Label and Conversion ID and save it.
    5. Create Trigger Action and select the preview mode to perform the testing of the tags created.
    6. The process is completed! It will take a few hours to Google Ads with an update on conversion actions from the website.
    7. You can also import a conversion from google analytics by creating a goal conversion in the analytics and linking your google ads account with google analytics directly.

    We know each campaign has a different goal set and bid strategy and here are the top most important KPIs you must not ignore while reviewing campaign performance.
    Clicks: You can see which campaign, ad group, keyword or ad got the highest number of Clicks.
    Impressions: How well your campaign is performing on Google Networks and Partner sites.
    Click Through Rate (CTR): It shows Rate (%) at which your ads engage with the audience. Higher CTR means that the ad is appealing to the target segment. Formula for calculating CTR% is Clicks/Impressions.
    Cost Per Click (CPC): It’s a cost that is charged on a click for your ad. A high CPC means that you are being charged a lot for the clicks which is not good for your campaign. Improve your campaign performance by lowering Avg. CPC cost.
    Bid-Strategy: This metric decides your campaign approach, if you want more traffic then choose Max. Clicks as your bid strategy. Review your campaign objective and select the relevant Bid Strategy Type.
    Conversions: If you are enabling User action on your landing page and tracking it through conversion set up then this metric will help you understand total number of conversions your campaign received. For better analysis, select the date range and check conversion performance at the campaign level, ad group level, keyword level and ads level.
    Optimisation Score: It shows how well your campaign is designed in terms of ad relevance, budget allocation, keyword performance etc. We suggest to keep campaign’s optimisation score above 80% to 85%.

    Most Common Google Ads Issues that affect your Campaign Performance
    1. Choosing a wrong Bid-Strategy
    For example, if you want more clicks and the bid strategy selected is Maximum Impressions, the campaign will not work for the desired results. You must choose Maximum Clicks as a bid strategy.
    2. Ignoring Negative Keywords
    Negative Keywords improves campaign performance by not ranking on irrelevant keywords. Let’s suppose you want that your Ad should rank on the keyword ‘Digital Marketing’ as a brand but there is a possibility that the Ad may rank on the keyword ‘Digital Marketing Courses’ so keeping ‘Digital Marketing Courses’ as a negative keyword will avoid triggering your Ads, improves targeting and cost per click.
    3. So many Campaign Revisions in a short period.
    We suggest avoiding campaign modification like constantly changing bid strategy, pausing and reactivating campaigns, increasing or decreasing budget frequently. As per Google Recommendations, first 5-days is a learning mode for a campaign. You can review your campaign performance after having a data of minimum 15 days.
    4. Lower Campaign Optimisation Score:
    Optimisation score is not constant, it keeps changing as the campaign matures, we recommend to keep check on improving this score above 80% to 85%. Higher the Campaign Optimisation Score, Better is Campaign Performance.
    5. Ad Copies Not Including Targeted Keywords.
    This is one of the common mistakes, while writing an ad copy that contains headlines and description it is important to include targeted keywords that will help in improving Ad Relevance. We suggest including some of the keywords from your Landing Page as well in order to have an excellent ad strength.

    You should have a Gmail account, sign in to and get started. Alternatively, give us a call and we’ll sort it out for you!

    Google provides you support with Solution Experts but each time you reach out to them a new representative will address your issue. Also, the process is time-consuming because sometimes the experts are busy and schedule your call, not on the same day. That’s why we recommend you to associate with experts that are dedicated to your business and easily accessible on Call or WhatsApp.
    Digital Squad is a boutique Digital Marketing Agency empowering revenue growth for our clients with very intelligently crafted online marketing campaigns. Our team truly sets the standards when it comes to full-funnel digital marketing campaigns in Singapore and beyond!
    Highly respected and winners of multiple marketing awards throughout APAC, we have a carefully curated team of specialists in each field of digital marketing.
    With expertise in over 25 industries, we’re ready to help with your digital marketing challenges today. Let us get you there!

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